Entrust Your Kitty to Those Who Love Them

Aug 3, 2022 Flamenco Dance

Call Us Any Day of the Year

You’ve always had the problem of who to call to look after your cat when you have to go somewhere for one or more days. Relatives, neighbors, friends came, but when you return, you see that your sweetie is not happy. From now on it won’t be a problem because we have cat sitting.

There are many who keep pets whether they are dogs, rabbits, iguanas or any other animal. Cat sitting is specialized only for cats. Cats are very sensitive animal that have their own nature and habits. Many people do not understand cats and therefore do not even know how to treat them properly. We employ nannies who know how to take care of cats.

Cat Sitting

When you call us, you will meet a sitter who will be in charge of looking after your kitty while you are away. You will instruct the nanny in detail about what your kitty likes and dislikes, when she eats, whether she takes medication and what her favorite toy is. You will tell her what the mother’s habits are, which the nanny will respect. The most important thing is that your cat passes the period while you are away as painlessly as possible.

Some cats refuse food and water when they are left without their owner. If your cat has a habit of doing this, don’t worry. The nanny will find ways to get the kitty to eat something and feel safe with her.

You also don’t have to worry about throwing out the sand that the cat uses as a bathroom. Our nannies do this every day, because we know that cats don’t like dirty and that they are very clean.

With our application, you will be able to follow what your baby is doing and the babysitter will keep you informed about everything.

When you need someone to look after your cat, one click on cat sitting is enough. We will give them the love and attention they need.